ULO Storage of flower bulbs


Why ULO storage?

For less risk during storage, a more vital product, better bulb quality compared to storage under ‘traditional’ conditions. During storage the bulb respires and there for uses energy. Under ULO conditions respiration is almost decreased to zero and the bulb can use all its energy during growing for flower production. The sugar % of the bulb/sprout almost does not decrease under ULO conditions this is why the risk of frost damage is decreased.


For which bulbs?

For all lilies used for planting later than august 1st (some varieties even earlier) even for Longi types, and LA hybrids. Less problems during growing in the greenhouse or outside and a better result in the end. Also suitable for bulbs used for ‘summerscaling’


Advantages for lilies:

  • The bulb/sprout is more in a rest stage
  • Due to a higher storage temperature less risk of frost damage
  • Due to a more slow start, the sprout has not been growing during ulo storage, new stem roots have more time to develop before the sprouts is visible. Especially in warm areas this is an advantage
  • A more healthy, greener and stronger foliage
  • Less risk of leaf scorching
  • Less risk of bud abortion due to long term storage
  • Less risk of deformed buds
  • Less losses in general


Storage after a long period under ULO conditions is no problem if the proper storage conditions are taken in to serious consideration. Bulbs do not deteriorate faster after coming out of ULO. Even after 3 months of storage, after the ULO time, bulbs and flowers showed better quality compared to the same bulbs/lot stored traditionally.


With regards,

Aad Kraakman